About Us:

RMS AUTOMATION SYSTEMS LIMITED (RMS) commenced its business in the year 1992. The company was converted into a limited company on 19th June 2002.

Telecom Division

The advancement and evolution in wireless technology has led mobile phones to overtake wire line in terms of growth and absolute numbers. With increasing dependency on mobile communications, customers are demanding increased reliability and their need to be ‘Always Connected’. RMS provides total solution to Wireless/Communication World.

RMS is engaged in Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of  Electrical, Electronic and Telecom Equipments. We provide services on Turnkey Basis which include works like Foundation of Tower and DG Set, Tower Erection, Civil Work,  Electrical Work, Liaisioning, Installation and commissioning of DG Set, Battery Bank, Power Plant, BTS Equipment, Microwave Equipment and Other related works.

Power Division

RMS Automation Systems Ltd. is engaged in Development, Manufacture, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Micro - Process based Hi - Tech products for energy conservation like Automatic Power Factor Control panels (APFC), Electrical Panels and Load Management Systems. The company provides efficient energy management solutions by means of Total System Integration and Intelligent System Solutions. This minimizes Transmission and Distribution losses in Energy Distribution at Low Transmission side.

We are exploring opportunities for Power Trading and for Energy Audit.

Mission Statement:

We at RMS Automation are on a ‘Mission Bound for Energy Conservation’. India is a country where Electricity is in shortfall, thus saving as much as Electricity is of Utmost Importance. We manufacture products in a manner that saves energy for Energy Distributors (Utility), for Industries (Corporate Sector) and for daily Consumers (Small Households). Our Ethos is ‘Energy Saved is Energy Produced’ and ‘Every Power Consumer is a Potential Power Generator’.


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